Broken Progress

January 2015: 16%
May 2015: 37%

I’m going to be honest. A lot of the last few months has been wrapped up in little things, hiring help, talking to people, and especially the conversion from RPG Maker VX Ace to Unity. I’ve also been pretty busy with college recently. Today, though, I decided to look back at my work and cut away a lot of the things I didn’t need.
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The Big Switch

“Hey, haven’t you been quiet about your game for, like… a month?” Yeah, I have.

Learning the Dark Trade | Unity First Look

Well, a lot has happened in the last month. I’ve scoured the internet and made a promising new hire or two, and ultimately made the big decision to switch my project from RPG Maker to Unity 5. This is a big step that, while requiring a metric tonne of work, will make my game a lot more professional while also opening it up to a lot more platforms like Mac, Linux, mobile phones and possibly even an actual game console, which has never even been in my dreams before.

The screenshot above shows the Unity environment with a general mockup of a possible menu layout. As you can see, it is just getting started, but considering that this screen simply did not exist yesterday, I’m very impressed that it already looks like this today. Combined with some shuffling around in the art department, this should herald in a very exciting time for this game.

All these developments have also meant that rather than fooling around in the editor or private documents, I’ve spent a lot more time drawing up plans for the whole team and communicating with the others. Somewhere along the line, I suddenly became a sort of team leader. It’s a great feeling that made me realize that this is the kind of job I want to keep doing for a long time. Hopefully, that kind of passion is going to reflect in my game–no, our game as a team.

Monster of the Week: Typheus

Learning the Dark Trade | Typheus

“…A god whose hands were like engines of war, whose feet never gave out, from whose shoulders grew the hundred heads of a frightful dragon, flickering dusky tongues. The hollow eyesockets in the eerie heads sent out fiery rays, and each head burned with flame as it glared. And there were voices in each of these frightful heads, a phantasmagoria of unspeakable sound…”

Typheus was the last great evil that Zeus had to defeat before handing off his peaceful world to heroes to protect. Alongside his wife, Echidna, Typheus is also said (in some interpretations) to be the father of all other monsters in Greek mythology.

Monster of the Week: Lindwurm

Learning the Dark Trade | Lindwurm

The last time I brought up Norse mythology, it was for Nidhogg, the dragon that gnaws at the great tree Yggdrasill. However, it is far from the only dragon you’ll encounter in this game, and it’s not even the only Norse dragon! Nidhogg and its relation Jormungand belong to a specific class of dragon called the lindwurm. These serpentine menaces will actually be pretty common in that area of the game. They rely on poison rather than fiery breath.

Monster of the Week: Pirate Special!

Learning the Dark Trade | SurgeonWhen navigating the mysterious seas infested with monsters, the player will also encounter a large crew of pirates. Instead of introducing each one individually, though, I thought I would give you the whole crew together today.

To your left, you’ll see the ship’s surgeon. I’m really not sure I’d want that guy operating on me, but that’s kind of what makes him my personal favorite of the bunch. He’s just silly-looking enough to work. It’s also fitting, because on real pirate ships, the surgeon was one of the most valued members of the crew, and they would often bend their normal rules to make sure they had one.

The rest of the crew is shown in the slideshow below. First you have the captain, who, contrary to popular belief, was only fully in charge during battle. Next is the quartermaster, who was the captain’s equal in many situations. The gunner specialized in maintaining and firing the cannons. Less well known is the striker, a native of the West Indies that many crews picked up for their hunting and gathering skills, especially when landing. Next we have a rigger, who works with the ropes and sails of the ship, and finally the cabin boy, the lowest kid on the food chain who often didn’t want to be there at all.

Much of this information came from this site, so head there for more details. I also did some picking and choosing in order to make battling pirates more fun, so this may not be a complete or fully accurate representation of who is in a pirate crew.

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